Bitcoin to Be Accepted In Canadian Healthcare


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Bitcoin, the well known crypto-currency will be accepted by online healthcare business Ask The Doctor based in Canada. It will become the first healthcare enterprise to accept bitcoins. Given the fact that Ask The Doctor is an anonymous online service offered to patients worldwide, it is a perfect venue for bitcoin to be used as payment.

Why did Ask The Doctor Begin Accepting Bitcoin?:

Bitcoin makes it impossible for lenders and banks to be aware that the patient used the services of Ask The Doctor. Given this, Ask The Doctor thinks bitcoin provides patients a safer and more confidential way to pay for medical services. Ask The Doctor has become known for answering many deeply personal questions so some of the service’s patients will find this payment menthod particularly important. This means that Ask The Doctor patients can ask questions completely anonomously; questions that patients are unlikely to bring up with an offline doctor.

The very nature of bitcoin prevents Ask The Doctor fees from appearing on credit card statements. Some have said that services like PayPal are known for confidentiality, but they provide online statements. Bitcoin, on the other hand, can eliminate this issue entirely. There is a blockchain but purchases can be fully anonymized. Using the services of Ask The Doctor without informing families or roommates is important for many patients.

Ask The Doctor is based in Canada, but many patients are from elsewhere in the world. The payment methiod, Bitcoin is not affiliated with any country. Traditional currency exchanges can complicate payment, while bitcoin offers a way to negate the complexity. Exchanging bitcoins into local currency is very similar regardless of the bitcoin holders country.

Will Bitcoin Generate Significant Change To Ask The Doctor?:

More patients will likely end up using the services of Ask The Doctor if they can the expected increased privacy that bitcoin offers. This new level of privacy may cause Ask The Doctor grows and enhnace their services.

Will Other Healthcare Services Accept Bitcoin?:

It is reasonable to expect that bitcoins increased security and privacy will result in more healthcare companies accepting bitcoin in the future. Other companies have already begun to consider bitcoin because of the exceptional level of privacy that it makes possible. The fact that Ask The Doctor has already begun accepting the popular crypto-currency might cause other healthcare companies to follow Ask The Doctor.

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