Chestermere Health Center Update

Below is a message from the Chestermere Health Center Manager:
Phase I continues to be actively marketed due to the continued vacancies.  Our marketing strategy has been successful as we now have only one vacant unit remaining. Presently, there are lease negotiations taking place for this last unit and we are anticipating the lease to be finalized before the end of Q3.
With the final vacant unit of Phase I involved in lease negotiations, we are able to move our focus to securing leases for Phase II. This project is actively being managed by Bob Gaidhar of Ceana Developments, who is also one of the Directors of this project. There are lease negotiations taking place for various tenants for Phase II and once some of these leases are secured, then we are in position to proceed with the development.
We are anticipating breaking ground for Phase II before the end of Q4. As Phase II is a smaller building, the construction period will be shorter than it was for Phase I.
The above is exciting news as this brings us closer to the exit of this project and remaining on track to begin the exit strategy for all investors in 2017.

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